Earn Unlimited Paypal Cash From Yroo + Proof of Payment [Unlimited Trick]

Earn Real Cash From Yroo:- Yroo is Online Site to earn unlimited paypal cash for referring your friends. Below is guide to make unlimited paypal cash from yroo trick. We have added paypal cash proof for this yroo trick. This Website Pays Via Paypal Quickly.

Steps To Earn Real Paypal Cash From This Yroo unlimited Trick :

  1. Firstly, register Yroo account from Click Here .
  2. Now signup using Facebook [Only facebook]
  3. Once you register, you can see 2 Treasure box , one for sign up bonus and another for daily login bonus.yro
  4. Click on both Treasure boxes one by one for free bonus points.
  5. After collecting, sign up and daily bonus points, its time to earn more by referring your friends.
  6. To refer your friends, Go to Friends ­>>Invite friends from top menu and note down your referral link.Capture4Capture
  7. Finally share your referral link with friends and start earning real money.
  8. When your friend will join using your referral link, you will be rewarded with more treasures.
  9. To collect your rewards, go to Rewards ­­ Treasures & open it. You will get up to 500 points per referral.Capture1
  10. Once you reach 10,000 points, you can redeem your for Paypal cash i.e real cash in your Bank account.
  11. To redeem, click on points from top right corner and select redeem and enter your details.

Note:- You Can get Vouchers also for every tressure hunt, so keep trying , it depend on your luck like Below Image.yroo reward 

Yroo Unlimited Trick


  • Hotspot shield (for changing ip)
  • So many facebook id
  • For making facebook id use temporary email like tittbit.in

Steps for unlimited trick For Yroo

  1. Copy you invite link
  2. Start hotspot shield
  3. open incognito window in browser
  4. enter your invite link and signup with new facebook id
  5. open treasure box in new id
  6. Enjoy
  7. Repeat Steps 1-5


yroo proofyroo ppaypal proof

Here Is Yroo unlimited paypal cash for referring your friends. guide to make unlimited paypal cash from yroo trick. We have added paypal cash proof for this yroo trick. This Website Pays Via Paypal Quickly.

Do Not comment Such as This is Fake, it doesn’t give money. I too was damn sure about this fake site, but as i got payment i am sharing this yroo website to earn money. We DwTricks, first confirm trick then we share with you all.

  • ansaf

    cant signup with fb..

    • Then signup with Google.

      • Ansaf

        I cant create manu Gmail accounts. It asks for verification. If i try via playstore, its created successfully after that a notitifcation comes "Access Required" . 🙁

  • can it be converted into rupees

  • subbu

    I used gmail dot trick and redeemed 10000points, but in a reply they mailed me request pending.
    Will I get my payment after their verification!? Without cancelling.🙇
    Reply bro..

    • Wait for 5-6 days for verification.

    • Ansaf

      How the dot trick works??
      Can you explain please. 🙁

      • Suppose There is a Gmail account : Example@gmail.com
        having password : abcd
        You will get logged in to example@gmail.com If you use
        email as : E.xample@gmail.com
        password : abcd
        email as : Ex.ample@gmail.com
        password : abcd
        email as : Exa.mple@gmail.com
        password : abcd
        email as : Exam.ple@gmail.com
        password : abcd
        email as : Examp.le@gmail.com
        password : abcd
        and so on..

        That means gmail does not count periods (.). So isnt its Great …

        So you can use this trick for using the same email for various GPT, PTC, Twitter accounts as they interpret all the above emails as different but gmail considers it the same.

        • ansaf

          but on yroo…its opens same ac.. then how get refferal in main ac?

  • alok

    Bro still now you didn't returned the money for ett

  • vinu patil

    can we convert or any do with talent scout points before expires

    • You Can transfer it to paypal then from paypal to your bank account when you reached minimum 10000 points or 8$.

  • vinu patil

    i get that, but can we do with brand voucher………

    • Nothing, just leave that, no use of vouchers in india.

  • Ankit

    will they send money on indian paypal? i heard they only pay to usa paypal?

  • Ankit Nav

    still waiting for the response?

  • hari krish

    I not getting referal points pls help me

  • vinu

    sorry for off topic
    what about bitcoin faucet and bitcoin mining tricks…..
    its safe…
    i want know about it…..

  • vish8272shnu

    Hello friend , I got my 1,2nd payments from Yroo site ..But my recent payment is still pending ..I make request for payment on November , 15th
    But its still pending , not approved .

    Kindly guide me

  • Kamil Ansari

    Hey bro i got 4660 points and now when i am inviting someone i am not getting points. Please help me out otherwise my points will be useless.

  • Hardik

    What is hotspot Shield. Please explain.